Quarrel on a hot topic

10 Oct

Today I witnessed quite a rare activity for the Finnish education system – a passionate dispute between the lecturer and a student. One of the today’s course themes was an issue of western companies’ tendency in outsourcing own employees and products manufacturing sites abroad. The course tutor was pointing out a modern accessibility of high-level specialists from all around the world. He, for example was assigning some computer work (some kind of web designing) to a Pakistani freelancer, based in Islamabad, and got very satisfied by the quality level and short time frames in which the given assignments were accomplished. Such kind of web resources are designated to bring together skillful people ready to do remote tasks and those who need such specialists in easy and clear way.
There were different comments on this topic: both pros and cons, but one girl went really harsh against the rightness of such things. She, for instance, mentioned that this kind of global business is taking jobs from Finnish designers. Also, she said that as an employer he should have hire Finnish designers that would stimulate whole country’s economy and societal wellbeing in general. I think, both of them had good arguments, it is really hard to say for sure whether transferring jobs from western countries’ young specialists to the ones in developing economies or countries with a substantially lower living standards is a good thing for both sides in the long term. But I do respect the girl’s courage not just to disagree with the teacher but all to stick to her statement all along their dialogue without abrupt silencing, as it often happens.

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