Pessinisti in Kultsa Theatre 1

13 Oct


Yesterday I went for the first time to see a Finnish theatrical performance. And I really enjoyed it! As its name assumes the main idea of the play was a Finnish pessimistic way to perceive this beautiful world. And Finns really get quite addicted to being pessimists, especially in the winter time with minimum sun shining and cold weather. I would like to describe a few most impressive scenes from the play:

1. Two men are shown to be relaxing in a sauna, enjoying their bottled beer but one of them is sitting in a wheel-chair… He starts to tell about his last car ride in a very gloomy and sad voice tone. The other man is seriously listening to him without interfering him. The first man tells he hasn’t remembered to change his car summer tires to winter ones and still left for a ride somewhere far away on a frosty day. At first he was managing to drive a car just perfectly, but then abruptly a moose appeared out of thin air on the road and there was no possibility to avoid a crush with the animal. His summer tires meant a too long braking distance and the big animal stood still in the middle of the road with no possibility to bypass it either…. In a short time frame of several seconds the driver has seen his life running in front of his eyes and thought about his mom judging him for not paying attention to safe driving precautions and as a result being killed in a car accident.

The man is almost sobbing and his facial expression is full of grieve and sorrow. Anyway he continues on telling his tragic story: “My biggest fear was to get my head cut by moose’s horns as by a sharp guillotine”… A depressing silence breaks out on the stage and lasts for a minute or so… Then the deeply grieving man mumbles to everyone unexpected words: “Yeah, but then a damned moose steps off the road and I pass just by his huge rear. Then I had so drive fast anyway to get in time for the work”.

The audience becomes soundless for a moment being confused by the man’s retold story. But it immediately bursts into a roaring laughter as the “crippled” man stands up from the wheel-chair saying: “Let’s take back this old grandma’s chair to the sauna’s closet and starting leaving for the house”. 🙂 A good example of Finnish black humor.

Second scene will be told later.

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