Pessinisti in Kultsa theater 2

14 Oct

Continuation from the yesterday post.

Another interesting scene was played showing a typical reaction of Finnish mom to her child’s intentions and warmly cherished dreams. A young boy currently studying in an ordinary high school got interested in artistic painting and after participation in the young artists’ competition won the first prize! He gets so over excited and overwhelmed by his success that he decides to apply for an Arts School right away on the next enrollment period. He is calling his mom in order to share his joy with her, but to his great disappointment, she doesn’t dare to cancel her meeting at work to speak more with him. Even furthermore: she is not glad to hear her son’s plans on joining Arts School, “a nonsense occupation” for her child in modern world. She starts to discourage him from his idea in a quite harsh way without any respect to his drawing skills and own life prospectives. After such a deep knockdown from the closest relative a poor guy is forced to give up on his dreams and probably follows his mother’s more practical advice regarding a future profession choice. I picked up this particular scene, because, in my opinion, it depicts a typical Finnish attitude towards someone engaged in a little bit unusual and financially not beneficiary activity. To be shorter, such activity is not welcome and that’s it.
There were other interesting details about the play, such as a vivid interaction with the audience, self-denudation and simultaneous speaking for a long time of both actors and so on. The crucial thing that was difficult not to sense for me, a spectator disposed in the first row, was the director’s will to emphasize growing trends in modern Finnish society using his own manner to do it. I cannot leave unmentionable the actors’ skills of playing their characters with a clear devotion and enthusiasm on a high level!

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