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6 Jun

The world is so different, astonishing, busy,

Wherever You go, you feel a bit dizzy.

So numerous places, adventures and people,

You have to be cautious, they might even kill you.

In order to tackle a possible problem,

You have to learn rules, be smart, live “in accordance”.

The words You pronounce is not an exception,

Whatever You say: remember discretion!

This system not new, You probably noticed,

For me it took time before I conformed it.

By speaking a language you obey other people,

This purest fact has become for me clear.

Suomi on kaunis pohjoinen maa,

Mä puhun suomea ihmisten kaa’.

Kieli on rikas, murteita täynnä,

Sen luonut kansa on murheita käynyt.

On täällä sisua, luovuttaa ja rahaa,

Ei kenellekään velkaa, kai se on kaikkien tärkeintä.

Oli maailman paras tämä kestävä valtio,

Ennen kun tuli pelottava Globalisaatio.

Mutta, muista, Suomi! Mä sanon sen ääneen,

Koittaa Uusi Aika, tiedän tämän!

Pelastit minut, olet uskonut mua,

Kai tulee vuoroni auttaa sua.

Rakas, meitä lukee muutkin, siksi,

Joudun kääntymään tästä nyt englanniksi.

As long I’m in Finland in Finnish, of course,

Adore this habit, it’s just how it goes.

Whenever I get to the ‘mightiest’ russia,

The language issue is never impartial.

The easier Russian you speak at arrival,

The lesser is risk to get in a trouble.

This concept for me has never been clear,

I was not alone, that gave me a spirit.

It took a lot years, human lives and confessions,

As finally truth has been put ‘in a fassion’.

Starting from Pushkin and ending in Putin,

ruskij jazyk has never been ruskim.

In Свидник, Черкасах and even Obukhiv

Ukrainian’s my tongue, that’s a call of my duty.

Kyiv is huge, multicultural city.

Prefer I English, pardon me, neatly.

..My dear home town, Славетне Trypillya,

You’ve been in a throne for thousands years.

You’ve seen ancient warriors, water floods and disasters,

They tried to destroy You or put in a harness.

But no. You exist, You did, You will be,

You managed to struggle and earned to be free.

Whenever I’m home at my most sacred places,

No need is for words, just feelings and prayers.