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Studying basics of entrepreneurship in Helsinki School of Economics

9 Oct

The golden autumn is in its middle phase, a few first frosts have hit the Finnish ground which means there’s nothing edible left to pick up for either hard-working Ukrainians or even more workaholic Thai people. A few weeks ago the last berry pickers recruited by me to Finland left Helsinki for sweet home. We had a short excursion around Finnish capital and I hope they got more satisfied about their 2 months lasting Finnish adventures.

I myself got accepted to the Entrepreneurship workshop course, organized in collaboration of Small Business Center and Finnish Ministry of Labour:
I must admit, that I really enjoy agenda of the course and find many other participants business ideas very fascinating and profitable. In 2 days the second week of the course is about to end (business idea formulation and initial business model compilation) and I am really excited about the next phase – practical implementation of the business plan!